Club Events

The club’s facilities are available for rent for numerous kinds of private functions. For details, see Facilities Rental.

To contact the club, call (613) 732-8883 or send e-mail to .

Yearly Calendar

Below is a table of events that the club presents each year, together with the dates on which the events will be held this year. As they become available, further details of these events, as well as details of any special events, will be given in separate entries after the list. (Past events are “greyed out” in the list.)

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DoW Mon Day Event
Sun Mar 20 Annual General Meeting Details
Fri Mar 25 Good Friday Service Details
Fri Apr 08 Wine Tasting Details
Sun Apr 24 Volunteers Brunch Details
Sat Oct 15 Oktoberfest Details
Christkindlmarkt / Christmas Market Details
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" " " "
Sun Dec 11 Weihnachtsfeier / Family Christmas Party Details
Sat Dec 31 New Year’s Eve Gala Details

German Conversation Classes

Would you like to learn German? Germania Club Pembroke will be holding beginners conversational German classes in the new year. This 6-week course is designed for the beginner and concentrates on basic language skills as well as conversational skills.

Level: Beginner Level
When: Wednesdays, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
From Feb 3 until Mar 9 (6 sessions)
Where: Germania Club, 15 Bennett St., Pembroke, in the upstairs club room
Cost: $30
Instructor: Instructor: Christina Schramm
Registration: Contact the instructor, Christina Schramm, at 613-717-1789 or